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It wasn't a bad book, but it did not live up to my high expectations after reading the first impression. The story flowed nicely, and it was extremely easy to get into the storyline itself. The characters, while not always likeable, were well fleshed out. It was suspenceful and thrilling. This author clearly knew what they were doing while writing this.

However, it did have some majorly disappointing shadows looming over all of the good. A huge one being that it simply didn't feel new. The storyline is wonderful, and the characters themselves were unique, but it felt like something that had been told again and again.

This book certainty wasn't bad. It was enjoyable, even if it felt a little stale. Not every book is going to be for everyone, and that's okay. While I wouldn't go out of my way to suggest this to someone, I wouldn't hide it, either. This author has some serious talent, even if I didn't think it showed well in this book.