Summer Camp With A Killer Twist

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I love a good YA whodunnit. But this wasn't that. I feel like so many people will judge this book by a blurb that doesn't do it justice.There was definitely mystery and murder but the plot was actually so much more. The friendship, the sisterhood, gahhh. The word building was beautiful and while I hate to compare authors, I definitely got a vibe of Hannah Capin mixed with Ellen Hopkins. The character growth was absolute perfection. It wasn't focused solely on the "main character" of Goldie but everyone. Why am I gushing over and begging y'all to read a book that I gave 3 stars, right? It's because I absolutely loved it and on my rating scale a 3 is really high. If you go into it expecting a thriller, you'll be disappointed. But if you start blind and think about what summer camp means with a dash of dead people, you'll give it FIVE raving star and thank me. Great job to the author!