So much more than a horror!

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I can’t even express how much I enjoyed this book. It was so much more than a horror, although I would say that this book is more mystery/thriller. It was a story about finding strength in oneself even in the most dire circumstances. I got everything I wanted and more out of this book. I got my fill of suspense and thrill. I also got elements of family, friendship, romance, survival, heroism and self-reflection. This book wasn’t missing a thing. Everything was well balanced.

The emotional punch that this book produces is a work of art. At times I was nervous or scared. Other times I was happy, sad, shocked or even proud. The character development was amazing. Round of applause to Katie Alender. You could clearly see how far Margot, our main character, grew. From beginning to end we saw how hard she fought and how she changed for the better. I was connected to her and Agatha and their friendship. I wanted to see how things would play out for them. This 15-year-old protagonist will prove to be one tough cookie to knock down.

I’m also in love with the author’s overall style. The way she describes the scene was easy to picture, and the writing was descriptive but not cluttered. I didn’t have to reread a sentence to understand what was being said, which almost always happens at some point in books I read. I also extremely appreciate the author not having, even a single, profanity or use of nudity in the story. This author proved that you can create a masterpiece without those elements.

Moving onto plot: I can gladly say I don’t have anything negative to say in this department either. The pace was fast and gripping. I read this book at double the speed I would a normal book. Even with that, it didn’t feel rushed. Everything progressed nicely and was developed excellently. Nothing was skimped on in this book. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good thriller.