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Orphan in a Big Bad House

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I'm so glad I decided to use my points and claim this book! It was definitely worth the wait; lets dive right into it.

This book was such a ride! I loved every minute of it and the unsettling feeling I got as the story went deeper and deeper.
Margot's family died in a horrible car crash, where she was the sole survivor. She's taken in by the Sutton family to be a ward and companion to their sick daughter Agatha. One day Agatha was a normal teenage girl and then one day she turned into a shell of herself. She doesn't talk and she has become as meek as a mouse, doing whatever she is told. Often times she will just spend hours staring outside the nursery walls. John (Her father) was a friend of Margot's dad from college and decided to bring Margot into their home to be a friend to Agatha and to help out around the house. Margot desperate for a family starts to connect with Laura (Mrs. Sutton) and wants to be wanted.

There is more to this family then meets the eye though and things get dark. Holy cow when you get to the half way mark, you will not want to put this down! You feel horrible for Agatha, root for Margot, fall in love with Barrett and want to throw up every time Laura speaks.

Go read this book! Seriously go do it now! You won't regret it, I promise.