Middle Grade thriller

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I happened to find a copy of this book at my local GoodWill, so I scooped it up! I had remembered seeing it here and was excited!
The Companion

Margot’s family is gone. Tragically passing in a car accident, that leaves Margot an orphan. Yet, she’s the “lucky one”. At least that what everyone keeps telling her.
She’s lucky she has her own room at the group home…but only because of her screaming at night due to nightmares.
And now she’s lucky to have the Sutton’s.
John and Laura have come to whisk Margot off to their beautifully lavish home.
All seems well intended.
Laura is nice and very accommodating.
John works a lot but is always reassuring Margot that she should feel at home.

The catch?
The real reason Laura wanted Margot to come and stay, was to be a companion for Agatha.
Agatha is silent. Often found staring out the window as if she was almost comatose. And after awhile, Margot is making it work.

But behind that fancy facade, there’s a mystery within the house that Margot must uncover. Agatha doesn’t seem as I’ll as Laura has made her believe, and when Barrett comes home from school - Margot is even more invested in figuring out the truth.
Not all is as it seems!!

Good young adult/teen thriller. My 13 year old would love this one! Fast paced and quick read for anyone looking for a bit of a mystery.
Slightly predictable and I did put the ending together before the big twist, but still a decent read!