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One of the best books I’ve read this year!! Being a mom, my favorite thrillers involve kids and psychos!!

By page 2, I was crying 😭!!’s a thriller 😂!
Margot, whom is 15, was taking a family vacation when their car went into a lake and she was the only survivor!

With no other family, she was fortunate enough to be placed is a girls home. However, she had terrible nightmares that kept the others up and wasn’t befriended.

One day, out of the blue, she is being picked up in this fancy car saying a rich family wants her specifically to come live with them. The house is deep into the country and once arrived, it’s a grand estate! Plus she is so far deep into the woods there is no cell service.

Welcome to the Copeland Estate, the couple awaits her and it turns out her dad in college saved the man from drowning and that is why she was chosen. She later discovers, they already have children and apparently they had a daughter that mysteriously stopped speaking and wanted her to be Agathas companion.

Laura, the mom, is Agatha’s constant caretaker. Margot however notices Agatha tries to speak to her, but Laura refuses to believe her.

What creepy things does Margot find in this huge estate? Will she be able to help Agatha speak again, or will she also become another one of the Copeland estates mysteries?