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Margot has lost everything. Her entire family was killed in a tragic accident where she was the lone survivor. And with that she also lost her home and all her belongings and became a ward of the state. An orphan.

And then the Sutton family comes to her rescue as Margot's father once did for Mr. Sutton. They offer to take her in and become her family. But everything is not quite so simple as that.

The Sutton's have an ulterior motive when they decide to provide a home for Margot. They want a companion for their daughter. A daughter who has become almost unresponsive to the world around her, a shell of the person she once was.

As Margot begins to settle in she discovers all is not what it seems and she may have been better off in the group home.

This book was so good. The author wrote a book that I could easily see play out in my head in vivid detail. In fact I would love to see a movie adaptation. I don't hesitate at all to give this one a five star review and will look for more by this author.