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Potential for a gothic feel

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In this book we meet Margot, a young girl who is sole survivor of a car accident that killed the rest of her family. We encounter Margot a few months after the accident, where she is adjusting to a new life in an orphanage and dealing with the after effects of her trauma, including daily nightmares. When she is sent to live as the ward of a wealthy family, every assumes that she is lucky, and there's definitely an "Annie" vibe to the set-up. She is taken to a gorgeous country estate where she learns that her stay there comes with a trade-off. The family that has brought her there has a 17-year-old daughter who has become catatonic for unknown reasons in the last few months. They want Margot to act as this young woman's "companion" in order to keep her from becoming too isolated while they figure out what to do next.
There's a lot of description of the estate in these first few chapters and it has the potential to take on a gothic feel, I think. We learn a little bit about Margot while the Suttons are still a bit of a mystery in the beginning. I'm not sure that I'm sold on this plot yet, but it is a very well-written beginning and I love the cover.