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I thought I had already posted a review for this, but it looks like it was deleted or something.

Anyway ...

I didn't get the book when it was promised. And, as a result I wasn't able to review it.

Once I did get the book, a few months later - I was wondering why I even requested it at all. The premise. Yes, it sounded good. Sometimes what works in theory doesn't execute well.

I will admit that in the past I didn't mind books with profanity. I am not fond of them now as I've read some STELLAR clean reads that tell with action and character than dirty words.

Moving on ...

I thought Milton was going to be a main character and the story would focus on him. Not so. It seemed to focus on someone else.

It was definitely hard to stay interested in this. I love a good suspense, even a good spy book. This wasn't it. And, I feel bad that I waited so long for this and despite it being delivered to me - it didn't deliver at all.