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The Cleaner is a John Milton #1 series book. Exciting. Speaking of John Milton. He's not the guy to mess with. Seriously. Actually, he's the guy the government calls on when the tough guys have failed and need help assassinating a person or two or a handful. He won't fail. A track record for killing and doing it efficiently. An enigma. A legend. Well, that was the case until he decides he is done with murdering and just wants to do the right thing for the right people from here on out. Not that easy. He worked for some pretty powerful people. There's no way they are going to let him go just like that. No sweet and easy life for John Milton. Now he's the one watching his back, lurking, and being sure not to get killed himself.

A solid read for the first book in a promising new series.

Thanks to the people at Welbeck Publishing for my copy of this book. I received. I read. I reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.