Decently written.

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This is hypothetically a decently-written book. The prologue is decently written.

A lot of reviewers point out that the characters are stupid and the whole thing is a stupid mess. Out of a sense of respect for them, I will not disagree.

Our bumbling hero is allegedly a master at the assassin's art, but for some reason incompetently gads about on some random small-scale quest for justice. Or something.

If you were to have a copy of this book and if you were to read it, you might pick it up and put it down and pick it up and put it down again as some slight bit of silliness to provide some light reading at the beach or on the bus or on a plane or on a train or at the airport or at a train station.

So I'm certainly not going to attack the book, as others have done, as a waste of time or boring. You will have to make your own decision whether or not you read it. You will have to decide your hopes and goals regarding reading or not reading this book, and then pursue them relentlessly.