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Just ok

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While reading the preview for this book, I thought it would be a heartbreaking tale about a child sent away from his mother and potentially his journey back to her. After getting almost 100 pages through, I knew this would be a fairly flat story recounting the experience of the main character, Amerigo.

The author does a good job creating and maintaining the voice of an 8 year old Italian boy who has very little. She creates memorable character traits for him that are charming.

Other than Amerigo, the rest of the cast of characters falls flat for me. Not much takes place to make you feel bad for the group; it’s even a bit hard to feel bad for Amerigo but you do because you know you have to essentially.

The end tries to circle back to things that took place earlier in the book and wrap up all of the characters’ plots but doesn’t feel impactful due to a lack of empathy.

Overall, the book was ok. Wasn’t a bad read but wasn’t what I was expecting.