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History buffs will love this

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This book very much reminded me of The Orphan Train, although it hit me a little harder.
Amerigo is 7 years old and the war is over. Although he is living with his mother in Italy, and his mother makes the tough decision to sent him up north for the winter which can give him a chance at a better life than she can give him.

He settles in with his adopted family and lives a life he never dared dream off. But when he is returned to his mother, his expectations have of course changed.

The relationship between him and his mother is tough. They never really communicate and it seems that him going away has made their relationship even more troublesome.

THe book also went forward 50 years where we still follow Amerigo and his story.

I think I like Amerigo as a child more than as an adult. The story was that much more innocent and touching written through the eyes of a child.

All in all I liked this a lot!