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I'm truly not sure why, but I gravitate to WWII stories. This time in history has always pulled me, moved me, and in many ways broken my heart.

Bold imagery! Having visited Italy several times, I could imagine the scenes and the culture vividly.

Moving! I love Amerigo's views as a child and later as an adult. Very poignant.

Although I haven't experienced these same experiences, I was able to live through Amerigo's eyes. And the differences in the more affluent North and the poverty stricken South were tangible and really carried so much depth to this tale.

There are so many moving and sad parts of this story but it is interwoven with hope and love making the heartbreaking parts more bearable. So many questions arose while reading this story - many that make me stop and wonder why people didn't make different choices during this era of the Children's Train. Knowing this is based on a true story makes it all the more powerful.