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Good For Everyone

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"The Children's Train" was an easy read for historical fiction lovers and one that would be appropriate for young readers as well as older. The subject matter is pretty tame since the majority of the book is narrated by an 8 year old boy. I have not heard of the children trains but it was an interesting concept that took place after WWII.
Nothing too exciting or explosive about the story, but a quick read nonetheless.

The events did leave my heart sad for the mothers that felt as if they had no other option but to send their children to families who volunteered to care for them. I know not every woman has the knack for "motherhood" but Amerigo's mother irritated me! She seemed to be a selfish character and Amerigo's journey changed his life for the better, I believe. I expected a little more heartbreak and sorrow out of this book but didn't quite get it. I don't imagine every single story from the children that endured this scary time ended up on a positive note.