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Couldn't Put It Down!

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After reading the entire book "The Children's Train" by Viola Ardonne I was not only saddened that there were no more pages to the story but pensive over what I had just finished reading. The story line and the plot seemed less fiction than truly historical.Being from a family where both sets of grandparents came from Italy and lived through these exact times I had lheard the horror stories many times from them. The way Ardonne portrays these dangerous times and puts it into the perspective of what families were enduring was so true and accurate that it was as if I was still sitting at the knee of my grandmother as she remembered those days and thos events. The unfolding of this story is mesmorizing and I could not put the book down. The characters are so well developed I felt as though I knew them. This is a must read book for anyone who thinks they have heard enough about that war.