Couldn't put it down!

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This novel is set in post-World War II Italy, where poor children from the south are given the opportunity to live with families in the north who are able to provide adequate food and shelter during the winter months. The story follows 7 year old Amerigo, who leaves his mother to live with another family for the season. We follow Amerigo as he is exposed to this new way of life and the possibility of a future. As a young child, Amerigo is forced to make very difficult decisions.
This was a story I could not put down as I learned about Amerigo's poor life in the south living only with his mother and not having the money to follow his dreams. We watch as he recognizes that he has the chance to be whatever he wants when living with his family in the north.
I loved the writing style in this book, it was easy to follow, and I could very clearly picture the scenes as I read along. There were not unnecessary conversations or over specific details. It is a beautifully written novel. I have even passed this along to my grandmother to read. Pick this one up, you will not be disappointed!