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Amerigo's perspective

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The Children's Train is a captivating book narrated in the perspective of 7 year old Amerigo; based on true events in Naples post War War II. Young Amerigo measures life in shoes and points to determine the outcome of his day. He has grown accustomed to worn out used shoes that the hope of one day having a fresh pair just his own , seems like a dream. He was sent away on a train filled with other children, unknowing what will be awaiting when the train comes to a haul. Every mother clinging to the hope of a better life for their child by making this gut-wrenching decision seem necessary.

Take the journey down the railroad tracks through the eye of Amerigo to see where life takes him and how decisions can define you as a person. Watch him adapt to the shoes that life has given him.

Thankful for the opportunity from Bookishfirst and Harpervia to read and review a copy of The Children’s Train by Viola Ardone.