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A wonderful story!!

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The children’s train by Viola Ardone is a wonderfully written Tail of a group of young children who set out on a very adult adventure. We meet Amerigo when he is a young child living in poverty alone with only his mother. He is sent with a few friends via train to Northern Italy for chance at better life with a temporary foster family. This book is expertly written from the perspective of a small child. Except for the last part where an adult Amerigo returns to his childhood home in southern Italy.

The author takes you through the struggles of poverty and into the loving arms of the home that every child wants. It confronts the struggles of a child torn between a relationship with his mother and a life full of opportunity. It was translated from Italian into English where not a word was lost to the reader. This book is a heartfelt emotional roller coaster that is a must read by anyone who wants to learn more about the orphan and children’s trains that took kids to a new life across the world. It shows how a community must come together to raise their children for a better future