A gothic ghost story

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I was excited to read this book. The story was intriguing and the supernatural that was thrown in there made the story even better. I liked it until the end. I like concrete endings and this was a bit obtuse. I totally understood the mother’s empathy that connected her to the spirit world but I don’t understand the reasons the daughters died after getting married! Did I miss something?
My first thought about the mother and the Chapel family business of gun manufacturing was a take off of the real Sarah Winchester. The author acknowledges that Belinda is loosely based upon Sarah. I live an hour away from the Winchester Mystery House so I know a lot of history about the Winchesters.
The story of the sisters was good. Even to the point of being macabre in the blood on the wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. Overall the story kept me reading and I did not want to put it down I would recommend the book to friends especially so we could book talk it.