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I found this book by accident, and am so happy I picked it off the shelf when I saw it! The Bookwoman of Troublesome Creek is historical fiction exploring two subjects about which I had very little previous knowledge: the Pack Horse Library Project in the 1930s and the blue-skinned people of Kentucky. Cussy Mary had a genetic condition that caused the pigmentation of her skin to be, yes, blue, and she faced discrimination and hardships because people did not understand her. But she found a way to live a rich life and spread the joy of reading to her neighbors as a traveling librarian, delivering books throughout Appalachia.

This book had so many different themes that I love all packed into one concise, well-written story: there is a huge helping of a strong woman overcoming adversity, sprinkled with a sweet love story, a dash of adventure and drama, and of course books! I experienced every emotion while reading this, and my heart felt full when I turned the last page. You can tell author Kim Michele Richardson did a ton of research and poured her soul into this novel. Cussy is a special character who will stay with me a long time, and I so appreciate the chance to spend some time understanding her world. I suggest this book to everyone I talk to and hope you give it a chance, too!