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I enjoyed this book so much. I learned a lot about people who lived in this area during this time. Some of it was not good but some was happy and loving.

Cussy Mary had a very hard life yet she dedicated her time to helping others. She loved the people on her route and the children were her world. The love of reading was so prevalent then and Cussy, or Book Woman as some called her, made it her mission to get books to anyone who wanted them. She ran into lots of mean cruel people or people who just did not understand that she was a human just like them. She was not white and she was not black. She was a blue. She was feared because people didn’t understand what exactly caused her to be blue. All she wanted was to be accepted and treated with kindness. He mama had died and it was only her and her dad. He dad worked in the coal mines and was sick from the coal dust and such hard work. He loved his daughter and only wanted what was best for her. He thought the only way to keep her safe was for her to marry and have a man to protect her.

This book had a lot of emotion in it. It made me cry, laugh in places, cringe, and cry some more. There were parts that just made my head spin. I don’t understand how some people can be happy at other people’s expense. How can some people be so mean and cruel just because they think they are better than others. There were lots of very nice caring people in this story too. It made me stop and think quite a bit. It touched me in ways that a good book is suppose to. I’ve never been a prejudice person and don’t intend to start being one now. I have always believed we are created equal and this book certainly had people that loved Cussy Mary even though she was different. She was a ray of sunshine who only wanted to be accepted.

I didn’t realize this was based on actual events until I read the Author’s notes at the end. It’s such a good story to be written and I feel very fortunate to have read it. Thank you to Kim Michele Richardson for writing this book. It needed to be written. It was a true joy to be given an ARC of this book. It’s my first by this author but won’t be my last.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks landmark publishing for the ARC in exchange for my complete and honest review.

It’s a big 5 stars from me.