Little Known Settlers of Eastern Kentucky

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SPOILER ALERT: The two premises of tbook, the pack horse librarians and the Blue People of Kentucky, were both novel and intriguing and the story line was good. I did find the book to overall be somewhat above average, and can rate it good, but not very good. There were gaps in the story; suddenly at the end of the story there is a major life change for the heroine that seemed to just suddenly show up on the page. I was also disappointed that Junia, Cussy's mule, who had been such a vital part of the story, was completely forgotten at the end of the book. She deserved more than that. It felt like the author had been given so many pages to write her story in and so had to cut the story off and get to the end fast.

I did learn a lot about the pack horse librarian program, the Blue People, herbalism, etc. The author was excellent in demonstrating the horrible poverty of the region, the furious blind prejudice of most of the white people, and the decimation of the land and people by the coal mining companies.