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Until reading the synopsis of “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek” I’m very sad to say that I have never heard of The Pack Horse Library Project. Well, me being me- an AVID book lover and my sister-in-law a librarian, I just HAD to research more into this subject both for my own knowledge as well as to share this information with her! Hopefully she will spread the word throughout her library team and to patrons! I found out that in Kentucky during the Great Depression most areas could not afford to purchase books, which often times lead to illiteracy. Until the women began arriving on horseback to deliver the goods to schoolhouses and homes! I’m all for female empowerment and feminism and this is an EXCELLENT example of this. I can’t even imagine a world where I wasn’t able to read. But, how did young children know what they were missing if they didn’t have books to begin with? Now THAT is a sad thought.

I can’t wait to read Cussy’s story! She sounds like she will be one sassy character ! I too believe that a “book can take you anywhere.” Often times when my days are beyond stressful...escaping to another world is the only way that I get through!