Small Town Fluff

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The Book Charmer is the first in a new series set in Dove Pond, NC featuring a small town cast of mostly young characters; each with their own history and drama to add to the story. It kind of felt like a sitcom. Despite being 300 pages, there was a lot of topics covered in the book, including: pre-dementia, post war PTSD, overdose death, and foster care. With all of those heavy issues, I didn't feel the book gave enough depth to the characters or dialogue to fully capture the heart and feelings on such topics. Being the first in the series, there was also many loose ends that were never wrapped up by the ending of the novel leaving the reader unsatisfied with the abrupt and somewhat cheesy ending. If you are looking for an unemotional read featuring a small town community, this would be a good series to start. If you are wanting more depth to characters, you won't find it in this book.