Magical and Real

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I so could not put this one down. I loved this story and the use of magic. I think this one would really work great for a spring or summer book at the beach, where you will hear the roar of the ocean and breeze on your skin. And well if you pass up that time of the year curl up on the couch grab a cup of coffee and read while you bundle up to stay warm.

This was such a magical tale that that was beautiful with lyrical writing that brought the story together. The characters were fabulous and fully developed and again I just could not put this one down. I loved how the story started out in the past then went to the present day. It was a great way to tell this story and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I can not wait for the next installment which I hope is about Sarah!

Go Into This One Knowing: Magical Realism, Friendship