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Lovely Story

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When I first heard the title of this book I was instantly hooked. What is a book charmer and how can I train to be one? How does one charm books? What if the books are too charming to charm? Meet Sarah Dove, our friendly town, who is able to talk to books and with their help, place the books into the hands of those people who need them the most. How amazing is that?
Set in the fictional town of Dove Pond, North Carolina, The Book Charmer brings us the tale of a struggling town, a woman struggling to juggle all of life’s demands, and a next door neighbor who is as good looking as he is prickly. Grace Wheeler, more comfortable in the city with her high paying financial career than in the small town of Dove Pond, is trying her best to raise her niece Daisy and care for her ailing foster mother Mama G. With her alzheimer’s worsening, Grace brings Mama G. back to her hometown with the hopes of easing her decline.
Starting a new job as the town’s clerk proves to be just the challenge that Grace needs. Finding the town’s finances in disarray, Grace, with a lot of gentle nudging from her committee members, tackles the job of turning the town around and helping create the best Apple Festival the town has ever seen.
This book was such a warm hug after reading a series of heavier topics. The writing was well done, the characters were well developed, and you could smell the pie being served at the diner. I wish there had been more focus on Sarah Dove’s character and her ability as a book charmer because I found that idea so fascinating. I went into this book thinking it would center around the Library and her books but Grace’s story was done so well that I quickly got over it. It would be very easy to turn this into a series and I hope the author will do so.