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I was totally enchanted with this book. Especially because I shared Sarah's love of books. Her and Grace were polar opposites. Sarah has lived in the town her whole life and has ran the library (which was the perfect job for her BTW) Grace is a city girl. If you were to look up city girl in the dictionary, you would see Grace. Grace arrives in town to help her foster mother (who is basically her mom) who is suffering from Alzheimers. Her and Sarah form an unlikely friendship.

One of the things I loved about Sarah was her ability to identify what book someone may need to read to help them with whatever obstacle they were facing. It was uncanny how many times she hit it right on the nail. I know that was part of the charm of Sarah. The whole town was actually charming and everyone knew everyone. So of course everyone knew when a city girl came to town. This book had a magical feel to it and left me smiling long after I finished it.