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Sarah Dove comes from a magical family. Sarah’s Magic is that she can hear books. She is always able to find books that people need, whether or not they believe in her magic.
She’s always believed that she will one day have to save her town.
Then one day, mysterious things start happening in town. Her cat Siegfried starts making laps around town and the flowers all start to change colors.
Then a book speaks to Sarah and tells her that the town’s new resident Grace is going to help save the town.

Grace was a foster child, adopted by Mama G as a ten year old, along with her younger sister Hannah.
Now Hannah has passed away and Mama G is recently diagnosed with Altzeimers. Poor Grace is now both a caregiver and a mother figure.
She moved to town because she thinks it will help Mama G’s health.
She is only planning to stay a year. She doesn’t care about making friends or dating, she doesn’t have time for either.
But Sarah has other plans. She is going to be Grace’s friend and she is going to get Grace to stay in town.

I love magical realism so of course I thoroughly enjoyed this. I’d read a spin off story of each and every Dove sister if the author wrote them. I want a book about the sister with the magical teas and the one with the magical cakes.
Please, write the other sisters’ stories too!

I also enjoyed the cute animals and the lovable characters. It was definitely sad at times but there’s a lot of heart in this story.

I got to read an early e book edition from NetGalley. Thank you