I didn’t want this book to end

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I fell in love with the characters of this book. Sarah Dove was my favorite, I wish books had a special way of communicating to me. I’ve always been a bookworm, so she resonated with me a lot. The story in the beginning began slowly, a lot of background on each of the characters, but as the story began to unfold you understood why you needed all the background of the characters. The story is about community, family, love and believing that you are meant to be somewhere at each point in your life for a reason. Each moment and the people that surround you are what shape your life and make it what it is. I only wish the book continued, as I want to see where the stories of some of the characters go, since their stories together just began at the end of the book. I’m hoping for a sequel to this book. Karen Hawkins is is a very descriptive writer, you you were truly able to visualize the town and the people in it.