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Charming and magical story cast a spell on me

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Ever since Sarah was seven years old, she's been able to hear books talk, so it's fitting that she works as a librarian in the small town of Dover Pond, North Carolina where she grew up.

"Sarah Dove is a book charmer... she knows what book everyone should have."

Lately, however, the books have been talking about newcomer Grace. Why are the books so interested in Grace, you ask, and what else do they have to say? Read this charming novel to find out!

This magical story cast a spell on me from the very first pages and didn't let go. I couldn't wait to find out more about the residents of the small town, many of whom have magical abilities, and it makes my heart so happy that this is the first in an all new series. In fact, I loved it so much that I read Love in the Afternoon (4 stars, and I hardly ever give more than 3 stars to a novella), #1.5 in the series, immediately following this one. And, hello, there are also Game of Throne references!

If you loved this one as much as I did, then I would highly recommend Midnight at the Blackbird Café (5 stars) by Heather Webber!

Lastly, here are some more quotes I loved:

"It's sad, but life is not fair. I sometimes think it was never supposed to be. Life is made up of moments, good and bad. But while you don't get to pick all the moments, you do get to pick which ones you cling to."

"That's the beauty of a book. It can take you places you can't visit on your own, lets you meet people and see things you can't in real life."

"Love can't cure a broken heart, but it can hold the two sides together while they heal."

Location: Dove Pond, North Carolina

I received an advance copy from BookishFirst. All opinions are my own.