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Another Southern story.

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I seem to have gotten into a stream of sweet Southern small town stories. I don't mind. It's nice to be reminded that not everything is momentous or world-shaking, unless that world is the one you live in. That, I think, is the heart of this book.
There is this little town, called Dove Pond. It was settled by a group of families with a touch of fairy dust in them. It's probably just a touch more of unconscious insight. You have met these people. They seem to know your lifestory before you have even said hello. Sarah's touch of whimsy is that books tell her who needs to read them.
There would be no story if somebody new, who needs a little Dove Pond magic, didn't come to town. That would be Grace. Grace has had a hard life. Her mother dies. Her father left. She had only a younger sister. They grew up in foster care. Grace worked hard, but life wasn't done with dumping on her. She, and what remains of her family, ends up in Dove Pond. She only plans on being there long enough to regroup. Then she'll go back to the big city.
Sarah's books tell her Grace is the person to help the town avoid bankruptcy. Grace says she'll be moving on shortly. What changes? How can Sarah convince a woman who won't even say hello to her she has arrived and is home? If I told you, you wouldn't need to read the book and then you would miss a nice story. I enjoyed it greatly. I suggest you read it as soon as you can.