Teen friends to lovers

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Everyone is doing it, so everyone thinks and Keely wants to do it also. What is the "it"? It is getting laid. Keely witnesses her friend getting laid at Keely's 18th birthday party and she feels left out. Her goal, after getting to work with a hunky college guy, Dean, who wants her, is to get laid so that he will not know she is a virgin. She asks her best friend, Andrew, for some help. Andrew has been with many girls, so Keely thinks, and they grown up together, so who better to ask for help. There is some kissing in the book, a little boob grabbing, and talk of condoms. There is slut bashing, alcohol, and more kissing. Nothing in great detail. Fun read but more of the emotional ties involved. Would recommend for age 18 or a very mature 16+. Thanks to Ms. Lund, Penguin Teen, and Bookish First for the opportunity to read and review this book.