Such a cute book!

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Keely a high school senior is the only one left that is a virgin in her group of friends. She has crossed everyone off at school because she grew up with them. Then she meets Dean, a hot college guy, who seems genuinely interested in her. She starts to panic thinking he's no longer going to want to date her, after he finds out she's a virgin. Desperate to lose her virginity, she asks her best friend Andrew to help her practice. They're best friends, it seems like the perfect plan, what could go wrong?

Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved this book! This book takes you back to all the drama that happens in High School. It was so relatable that I felt like I was there with them. I also loved the mature YA feel of this book and how sex was addressed. I felt like it was the perfect mix of friendship and finding your first love! If you're looking for a mature YA friends to lovers romance, I highly recommend this one!