So Glad High School Was Ages Ago!

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I must be too old to properly appreciate this book. "The Best Laid Plans" is the debut novel by Cameron Lund, which details high school senior Keely's attempts to lose her virginity to hottie college junior Dean, not because she loves him, but because she "just wants to get it over with." I don't think this is a message adults should be putting out there, that kids should have sex just so they aren't virgins anymore.

Additionally, there was a lot of just generally awful behavior towards each other by the high school "friends." I sincerely hope this is not what reality looks like for teens today because with the exception of two of her friends, they all seemed like horrible back stabbers who were exceptionally cruel and unkind to each other. Even Keely asking her BFF Andrew to "show her how" to have sex seemed like something that would just not happen in real life, and is using yet another person, again not for loving reasons. And the way Keely ultimately loses her virginity was another "really???" moment for me. The relationship between Hannah and Keely was the only one that rang true for me.

Was excited to read this based on the First Impression, but ultimately, this one was a let down, and not at all one I'd recommend to or want my own teenage kids to read.