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I had been seeing this book around for a few weeks, and I finally decided to give it a chance after hearing the author, Cameron Lund, talk about it on a panel during Social Distance Book Fest. I'm glad it was available through my library as an ebook. During this time, I've really been craving light, quick reads, and The Best Laid Plans pretty much fit the bill. It involves high school senior Keely feeling left out because all of her friends have lost their virginity, and when a sophisticated college boy, Dean, starts to show interest in her, and might want to do more than she's even done with a guy, she tries to enlist the help of her "definitely well-experienced" best friend Andrew to show her the ropes. When I read the description, I was really skeptical, but I think this book offers a lot more than what it might seem to on first glance. While there are some people who do have the mindset of "now that I've lost my virginity, I am now a woman," there are some conversations that center around how having sex for the first time doesn't "change you" in ways that some people think. Also, it touches on other topics, such as how the people you're friends with in high school might be just because you see them every day, people may be good at appearing better or more experienced at something than they actually are, and leaving a place you've been your entire life might seem scary but sometimes it's necessary. I did have a few issues with the novel - Dean wasn't really doing it for me (I was rooting for Andrew the whole time), I thought the prom-night sequence was a bit too unbelievable, and I found the girl-on-girl hate to be a bit excessive, but I will say that being older has made me more detached from high school and the drama that ensues, so I really can't fault the book for that. Overall, I read The Best Laid Plans in one day, and I really enjoyed the story and the lessons it taught, and I would highly recommend if the synopsis draws you in at all.