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Full disclosure, I’m not much of a romcom person. I love Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, but otherwise most romcoms I read are 3-star reads. I picked up this book because I read a “First Look” on BookishFirst a few months ago and was captivated, and the rest of the book had the same effect.

This book was just like a lot of romcoms, interesting in a frustrating way. If I had to pick on one thing, it would be that it seemed like there was always some giant lie going on. I learned about all of the characters, but Keely was an unreliable narrator. However, that does make for a more interesting story when the story reaches its climax.

I would recommend this book to people who like romcoms in general, because it’s really just a modern, friends-to-lovers romcom. I do think it didn’t really live up to the much more captivating concept you see on the dust jacket, but I would say that it’s worth a read.