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OMG I have never read a book with this plot and I am here for it I usually stick to fantasy but hey I wanted to try something new.I can tell I am going to love this book by the summary of .I can wait to read every last word and find out who she will end up fall head over heels first.I am hoping it is Andrew cause you got to love friends to lovers.If she falls for dean It will be fine I guess.You will just have to read It yourself to find out who she falls for.Because I won’t snitch on her.Anyway go read it cause I for sure is a hot and complicated romance.And I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and If I love It so much I might just add It to my very only library.I also really love the cover.I know they say do judge a book by It cover but I certainly do it oh well what can I say I love pretty covers.So I am definitely going to go read this book.Also the writing is Excellent