Older teen romance without the soap opera drama

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While I am admittedly, out of my teen years, I still enjoy a couple of YA/older teen books to remind me of a simpler time...a time of acne and worry and "does he like me". Our heroine is not your typical female teen. She isn't getting all swoony and loosing herself to a boy. She is fairly rational and level headed and exactly who I would be friends with in high school.

Set in Vermont, which plays a bit of a role in this book, the group of high school seniors are loosing their virginity or thinking about it, before they head off for a new life in college. The core group of friends are well aware of what this means to their friendships and aren't taking that for granted, which is a great change of pace compared to most teen romance lit.

If you like Jenny Han, you will more than like this book. While the title may be a bit eyebrow raising, there is no graphic smut in the story.