Not my normal type of book, but not bad for all that

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In order to rack up more points, I downloaded almost all of the "First Look" PDFs, allowing me to read them at my leisure, take notes, and then come back later and write up a bunch of reviews all at once, thereby making it easier on me and decreasing the amount of time I needed to sit at my computer. Or so I thought. This was one of several files that downloaded, and can be read on the computer, but which showed up as corrupted on the Nook - go figure. As a result, it's taken me longer to get to this one than it has to some of the others. Still, in spite of the frustrations associated with the file, I decided to give it a chance before deleting it from my machine. It's definitely YA, but it's just on the cusp between YA and NA, making it far more tolerable for me. The closer it gets to adult fiction the happier I am. While I don't normally do the meet cute style books, I have to admit, this one had me laughing out loud at times. As someone who has slipped on a patch of ice and fallen down an entire flight of outside stairs, I found those scenes (minus the stairs) to be particularly gratifying.