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2/5 stars. This was okay and all but i thought it’d be steamy. I mean yeah it’s a young adult book but i was under the impression there would be lots of sex in this ‘cause this seemed to have been marketed more as new adult. I’m a bit disappointed. This book was advertised as “girl has lots of sex with best friend to learn more” which is definitely not what it was. Although it was okay i probably won’t be buying this book. I got it from the library.

Going away from how the book was advertised let’s talk about the high school aspect, the characters behaviors and etc.

The way that the high school girls were made out seemed more to me like middle schoolers but if sex, drugs and alcohol started earlier rather than later in high school.

The girls and the guys in this book were very immature. I saw just about no character growth except for Chase. To be honest Chase was the best character since his character actually developed and grew instead of staying so immature and childish.

I’m not even going to talk about Andrew and Keely. Andrew wasn’t as immature but was still pretty damn immature. I wish I had more positive things to say about this book but there really just isn’t much i can say. The only positive thing about this book is that it wasn’t so boring and bad that i felt the need to dnf it right away.