My new favorite Rom-Com

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Sometimes I ask myself: How can something so heart wrenching exist? And then I realize its because sometimes you need a little of that in your life. Just like how much I needed this book in my life.

I went through so many emotions. I was sad a few times, then I got anxious, and naturally I also got quite angry as well. It was just a whole moment for me. This was just a great story. I loved all the characters, and the writing style was so addicting (which is why I read it within a few hours).

I've been wanting a really good rom-com for a little while, and this gave me everything I needed. There was never a dull moment. I laughed out loud so hard multiple times thanks to Andrew. It was just a great time. I've never had a book make me wheeze so much before.

If you need a good rom-com with a heart wrenching story that will make you feel all the feels, then you need to add this to your tbr immediately!!