It was ok but lacking in some areas

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It was alright. I liked it and I liked Keely for the most part. She was pretty oblivious though. I think this story could have been soooo much better if it had been dual point of view with Andrew. He did so many things that just didn't really make sense and I think having his POV would have helped with that. I did like the ending and how both Keely and Andrew were very open with how idiotic they had both been. I was expecting a little bit more fun/humor and I think it definitely fell flat in that aspect. The character development was also lacking a bit which again I think if we had Andrew's point of view that may have helped some as well. Overall the writing style was good and I liked the plot it just needed more depth in order to really make the story and characters stand out enough to make a lasting impression. I can't say that this is a book I would recommend to friends.