In the Middle

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This book follows Keely as she gets in a relationship with a college student and starts worrying about still inexperienced. For the most part, this book was just in the middle. Keely was okay, the romance was okay, the ya side characters are stereotypically underdeveloped and serve no purpose but to push the main character along her journey (Am I frustrated, a little). Due to the fact that Keely does almost nothing to stand out and neither of the love interests are super healthy relationships (I guess communication isn’t a thing until it gets the characters together) just makes it such an in-the-middle book to read in its entirety. The only thing that improved the rating was the fact that it was a fast read and the writing was mostly enjoyable. I also went into this book with very few expectations and got almost exactly what I was expecting so I don’t know why I am so disappointed by it being exactly what I thought it would be.