High School

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This book was high school for me in one book lol I was a virgin too in a small school but the rumors for everyone are different. Personally boys called me a lesbian because they couldn't be with me so that was their only conclusion...better than a slut I suppose Poor drew but not really because he let Keely think that he had lost his virginity a long time ago and I spent almost the entire book not wanting her to get with him because I thought he was a player too. James Dean was much more appealing and I have to admit Danielle and him are still a couple of my other favorite characters even tho they are both bull headed and rude or whatevs. I also love Ava and I am so happy she finally stood up for herself and told her bestie or ex bestie how it is. Obvi that there was a lot going on and I hope that Ava gets Chase and not Danielle and that Hanna and Charlie don't break up again. I was thrilled when he came back for Hannah's prom even if Keely was second guessing it.