Fun sex positive YA story

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Keely is a high school senior and worried about her inexperience as she starts dating a college guy. To calm her fears, she turns to her best friend Andrew to help show her the ropes.

This was a lighthearted and quick read, but it definitely felt like you were back in high school with the characters and their drama. I liked how it showed the complexity of sex in high school as Keely navigates her own insecurities and peer pressure. I do wish there was more to address the slut shaming and the double standard between the men and women, but I don't expect these kids to quite have it all figured out at 18.

I'm a sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope so I ate up all the cheesy moments between Keely and Andrew. The characters were real and made mistakes and felt authentic from my own high school days.

My awkward teenage self would have appreciated this book back in the day so pick this up if you want a cute YA read!