Adorable YA That Will Make You Smile

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This book made me so nostalgic, but in the best way! It certainly did not make me miss high school, but it perfectly captured that ending/beginning feeling that accompanies graduation and growing up: everything feels so life affirming in the moment yet so trivial looking back.

For some background on the novel, our protagonist, Keely, is an unassuming senior who is just “one of the guys,” and she is starting to realize maybe that’s not always a good thing. She and her best friend Drew have known each other since birth, but despite everything people have thought of them over the years, they never dated or ever saw each other as more than friends. That is until Keely needs to gain some experience with guys once she meets Dean, the atypical attractive college guy she works with. Hilarity and mixed signals follow, and that’s just the start of the drama!

But don’t let this adorable cover fool you; there are some important lessons to take from this novel. The most important for young adults is if you see something, say something. High school is an uncomfortable period for everyone, but it’s important to know that anyone has the power to speak out at any given time. Peer pressure is real, but no young person should ever feel like they have to go along with something they are not ok with just to fit it. It happens, but it doesn’t have to.

Overall, I would highly recommend this for any fan of YA, and even if you are long past high school, there is something here to remember and take away.