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The Belles review

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"A teacup monkey perches on her shoulder."

(I don't know why, but this is the only part of the book I highlighted and notated. lol)

The Belles was a book a discovered on a whim and fell in love; it's a different world where there are young women who are born into this type of power that allows them to change theirs and other people's appearances (for money, of course). They use tools akin to a surgeons, but everything is done as "art". The main focus of this book is that the selected ladies are vying for the Queen's attention to be her favorite "belle", and then things happen, naturally.

I LOVEEEED REMY. I needed more of him.

Also, Dhonielle is great at describing the transformations these ladies pull off. Everything is so colorful, flowery, and artsy.