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The Belles Review

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This book was a unique read in which beauty is a commodity and the belles have the gift to make people beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as it is quite a striking commentary on how people view beauty and the lengths they are willing to go for it. Besides demonstrating that a great deal of ugliness can hide under a beautiful surface, this book also forces one to look in the mirror and think about how society has shaped their views of themselves and what if anything they would want to change. For me this book made me think about the toxic side to the beauty industry and how people can have low self-esteem because of how society treats them.

I loved setting of this story and that all of the animals are teacup animals!

Dhonielle Clayton did an incredible job with creating a villain her readers would be able to truly despise. I am greatly looking forward to seeing if Camille will decide to keep up the status quo in the next book or wake the sleeping princess and change everything about the world she knows. I've already purchased the second book and now just need to find time to go back to Orléans!