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New Favorite Fantasy

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In a world where everyone is born with gray skin, red eyes, and dry hair, Camellia and her sisters have a coveted ability. As Belles, they can alter people's looks and temperament to make them fit the latest pictures of beauty. When Camellia enters life at court as a Belle, she discovers all the things that no one ever told her and pushes her abilities to their limits.

I thought I would love this book from the moment I read the synopsis and I was so right! I absolutely adored reading about the limits placed on beauty and Belle ability and I found the court politics to be so intriguing. I never grew tired of learning about the process of undergoing a beauty session and I do still want to know more about the process. The mystery of Princess Charlotte is something that is going to make me come back for more in this series. The abrupt cliffhanger at the end felt a bit like it was just creating drama - I had all but forgotten about that element of the plot, but it served its purpose in keeping me wanting to read more to find out what happens next.